Wednesday, March 23, 2011


SXSW is over and done with. Here's the end result:
- We played five shows, missed one due to delays on our second last show and a ridiculous amount of traffic
- Recorded a video session in which I sang instead of yelled (vocal lessons)
- All of us got in a solid 13 hours of cardio a day
- We all ate enough tex-mex to last us a few weeks
- We all got good base tans.

Thanks to everyone involved who helped us out, we really appreciated it. Also, Pat and I went to the Screeching Weasel show where shit hit the fan. It was our first time each seeing the band and I would imagine our last. Good thing we don't have any fan tattoos, we'd be especially bummed out right now.

You can check out new versions of our songs right HERE.
We're in EYE Magazine this week, you should read the article at this LINK.
A really nice reviewer saw us at Canadian Music Week and thought we sounded like early Beastie Boys. Agree or disagree by reading the following LINK.

Our next show is on April 15th in Toronto at Parts and Labour with Parts and Labor and Child Bite. 10pm. $10 at the door.

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