Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fantastic Memories of 2010 - Dec 27/28

A few days ago we updated the blog with one show, and now as it stands we have another show and our first t-shirts for sale. A lot of our fans wear neon windbreakers to show their support, but sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate our fans from windbreaker enthusiasts. As of December 28th, you'll be able to purchase your very own Neon Windbreaker form fitting American Apparel t-shirt. The first 15 shirts are the "Pregnant Goth" edition, seriously. We will have 6 Small, 6 Medium and 3 Large shirts available in such colours as Tri-Black, Tri-Coffee and Athletic Blue. You can only assume that, just like we are that these will fly and we'll have to make another design.

Here are our shows, we play first at both:

Dec 27 @ The Garrison (T-Dot) w. Mark Inside, Rat Tail, Grasshopper. 9PM. PWYC + food bank donation.
Dec 28 @ The Drake (T.O.) w. Do Make Say Think, Ruby Coast, Pick A Piper. 8PM. $5. 9pm set.

These are probably our last shows until 2011. We will release a single by the end of February, it will be delicious; literally.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


We're totally a real band now, not just a blogged about buzz band that has played no shows and record a ton of records. We now have played five shows and are about to play a sixth. All of our records are sold out, so we're recording new music soon.

December 28 @ The Drake (in Toronto for you non-Torontonians) w. Do Make Say Think, Ruby Coast and Pick A Piper. Doors at 8, cover is $5 at the door and we play first.

We opened for Monotonix last week. I spent most of the show on stage texting when they were playing in the washroom. Here is what was said:

"Neon Windbreaker, who, after only five shows continue to shape their noisy confrontationalism into a tuneful take on Jesus Lizard-style post-punk." - EYE Magazine

"Openers Neon Windbreaker charmingly sped through a short set, with fidelity indebted to early '90s Dischord and AmRep." - Exclaim ** we left out the part when they comment on our histrionics

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Neon Windbreaker return for a show with our friends Monotonix on December 12th at Sneaky Dees in Toronto. We just found out that not only are we on the show, but it's an early show at that. Doors at 7PM, we perform at 7:30PM. This will be our final show of 2010. We will be recording the remainder of the month. Look for (seriously) shows outside of Canada in 2011.

Take note that on December 12th, there will be no mercy.

Friday, November 5, 2010


We're releasing a digital single in December, but it could end up being in January. We're going to have a release party, where you can get a copy of the release in a very unique manner. We said digital just a few sentences ago, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it. Tangible parties are better, it's a fact.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Our friend just picked up a lathe cutter on Ebay and let us make some limited edition records. The record is limited to 30 one-sided copies and is made with a high quality lathe so that the quality does not degrade over time.

First 10 (tops of plastic containers with a hole in the center)
Second 10 (over sized Pog novelty slammers)
Third 10 (apple/pumpkin pie plates)

The record contains two songs:

1. Yeah, Me Too! I totally love Saetia!
2. American Iconography

Monday, October 18, 2010


Thanks to everyone who bought one of the limited edition tapes at the Marnie Stern show. We didn't have any for our show this past Friday with TV Buddhas, which was probably for the best as our drummer went on tour with his other band and we decided to go the freak-folk route, albeit briefly. That being said, new freak-folk tape coming out soon on a new US blog's label.

We don't have any other shows booked at the moment, so we will take the time to write new music, and relish in the fact that EYE Magazine said NICE things about us from our Marnie Stern + DD/MM/YYYY opening slot appearance.

Look out for a split soon on a new label out of Armenia with one of our current favourite bands. They sound nothing like us, so it's an ambitious release for us. Believe the hype, but don't believe the hype too!?

Thursday, September 30, 2010


NEON WINDBREAKER is performing in Toronto on October 3rd with Marnie Stern and DD/MM/YYYY at Wrongbar. To celebrate our performance, where will debut ten new songs, we are putting out a limited edition [read: 35 copies] cassette. This will be our first cassette release after a string of 7"s. The cassette is also being released as to not infringe upon our new record deal.

Breast Feeding Cassette:
side A:
1. Teenage Goth
2. Gotholate
3. Sunlight Goth
4. Wet T-Shirt Goth
5. Catholic Goth
side B:
same songs as side A, but in a different order and with keyboard flourishes layered on top.

Friday, September 10, 2010

--- ROCK SHOWS ---

// Neon Windbreaker has been holed up in a swank Toronto live/work studio space with our producer and our new spin doctor planning for the next three months and/or the next three years.

We decided to play some shows, one of which was mentioned earlier on, others in passing::
Oct 3 :: Toronto, ON @ Wrongbar w. Marnie Stern
Oct 15 :: Toronto, ON @ The Shop w. TV Buddhas

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We're definitely not played out, we're playing out. We'll have a few shows to announce outside of the show you will read about in a moment, but it's exciting, right?

On Friday October 15th we're playing with TV Buddhas who are from Israel by way of Berlin at The Shop beneath Parts and Labor in Toronto. Cover is $5 and it will be amazing. There will be one more band playing, who will also be amazing. There's a good theme going for the evening.

NYC, Toronto, other cities, we'll see you soon.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sorry to lie and say that we were not releasing any further 7"s until our full-length drops. We realized 9 songs for a full-length was closer to an EP and that just isn't fair. We have two more 7"s, meaning 13 songs. The first one is still in print, it's limited to 350 copies and it's out on a Prussian label. We were listening to The Fall when we wrote this record. The second is also still in print and is limited to 450 copies. It is out on a really cool label from Basutoland [look it up]. For context, we were listening to the Gin Blossoms when writing and recording the second 7". We were hit by a wave of 90s nostalgia, which is really not indicated by what the songs sound like. The songs sound like Brooklyn, whatever that means.

#1. [NEW]
Bobby Sherman Still Gets All The Girls 7"
a: bobby sherman still gets all the girls
b: buddy holly

#2. [NEWISH]
Places 7"
a. park slope
b. burroughs

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Don't get used to frequent updates, we're usually not this organized. We will be announcing our new label and publicist in the coming weeks. The label will release our first full-length, which will compile all of our 7"s. This will be our first release available digitally.

You may wonder why you can't download our songs anywhere online, and for that there are two reasons:
1. if you look neon windbreaker up on google or other search engines, you mainly get information about actual neon windbreakers, online sales and 80s and 90s references.
2. we made it so that if you try to rip our 7"s with your specialized recording equipment that it creates a virus. Pretty interesting considering this is vinyl to digital. We are innovators.

We have one final 7" in the works that will be out in time for our October tour. The 7" is entitled VOLCANO BEACH. The songs we recorded are inspired by the band Beach Fossils and indirectly by Surfer Blood.
side a: volcano beach
side b: volcano beach (remix)

Monday, July 26, 2010


NEON WINDBREAKER will be performing a limited number of Ontario concerts and concerts around CMJ in NYC this fall. Dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

Our first three 7"s are sold out. There are no digital files available of these records.
1. Retaining Wall 7" (300 copies on white vinyl) - a side: retaining wall, b side: floor
2. Bleak Future 6" (250 copies on clear vinyl) - a side: glasser, b side: fleet
3. Tans 7" (800 copies, black vinyl) - a side: tans, b side: tonic water

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


neon windbreaker is developing a web presence.
- no longer will it only be about discount neon outer wear
- no longer will people buy other records in confusion
- now you will know that we've spent the last year touring non-stop

nxne reviews:
- neon windbreaker visited toronto to perform as part of nxne []
- some people liked our music, others couldn't find our music online
- our records are available [full disclosure: everything is out of print] only on vinyl/lathe
- our friends in toronto joined in on our band as half of the band could not cross the border

// articles::::::