Monday, March 14, 2011


Hey Friends,
We did an interview the other day where I talked about our Friendster page. Turns out you need to be a member to see ours in full, so it doesn't really help you at all.

EYE wrote up our show at the Silver Dollar in Toronto this past Saturday, which was a part of Canadian Music Week. READ ALL ABOUT HOW THEY REFERENCE CRYSTAL CASTLES HERE!

We mixed a few of our new recordings in anticipation of CMW and SXSW. Please listen to them and tell us only positive things by emailing:

Our SXSW Schedule is as follows:

March 16:
Neon Windbreaker - Second House Slip n Slide Party (3PM) - RSVP
Neon Windbreaker - Escapes @ Club 1808 (7:20PM) - RSVP
March 17:
Neon Windbreaker - M For Montreal Party @ Spill Bar (12NOON) - RSVP
Neon Windbreaker - WABB Showcase @ Habana (8PM) - RSVP
March 19:
Neon Windbreaker - Boston Family Dinner @ Austin Museum of Art (8:10PM) - RSVP
Neon Windbreaker - Singing Serpent Party @ Dean Frederick Jewelry (9PM) - RSVP

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