Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fantastic Memories of 2010 - Dec 27/28

A few days ago we updated the blog with one show, and now as it stands we have another show and our first t-shirts for sale. A lot of our fans wear neon windbreakers to show their support, but sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate our fans from windbreaker enthusiasts. As of December 28th, you'll be able to purchase your very own Neon Windbreaker form fitting American Apparel t-shirt. The first 15 shirts are the "Pregnant Goth" edition, seriously. We will have 6 Small, 6 Medium and 3 Large shirts available in such colours as Tri-Black, Tri-Coffee and Athletic Blue. You can only assume that, just like we are that these will fly and we'll have to make another design.

Here are our shows, we play first at both:

Dec 27 @ The Garrison (T-Dot) w. Mark Inside, Rat Tail, Grasshopper. 9PM. PWYC + food bank donation.
Dec 28 @ The Drake (T.O.) w. Do Make Say Think, Ruby Coast, Pick A Piper. 8PM. $5. 9pm set.

These are probably our last shows until 2011. We will release a single by the end of February, it will be delicious; literally.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


We're totally a real band now, not just a blogged about buzz band that has played no shows and record a ton of records. We now have played five shows and are about to play a sixth. All of our records are sold out, so we're recording new music soon.

December 28 @ The Drake (in Toronto for you non-Torontonians) w. Do Make Say Think, Ruby Coast and Pick A Piper. Doors at 8, cover is $5 at the door and we play first.

We opened for Monotonix last week. I spent most of the show on stage texting when they were playing in the washroom. Here is what was said:

"Neon Windbreaker, who, after only five shows continue to shape their noisy confrontationalism into a tuneful take on Jesus Lizard-style post-punk." - EYE Magazine

"Openers Neon Windbreaker charmingly sped through a short set, with fidelity indebted to early '90s Dischord and AmRep." - Exclaim ** we left out the part when they comment on our histrionics