Friday, October 22, 2010


Our friend just picked up a lathe cutter on Ebay and let us make some limited edition records. The record is limited to 30 one-sided copies and is made with a high quality lathe so that the quality does not degrade over time.

First 10 (tops of plastic containers with a hole in the center)
Second 10 (over sized Pog novelty slammers)
Third 10 (apple/pumpkin pie plates)

The record contains two songs:

1. Yeah, Me Too! I totally love Saetia!
2. American Iconography

Monday, October 18, 2010


Thanks to everyone who bought one of the limited edition tapes at the Marnie Stern show. We didn't have any for our show this past Friday with TV Buddhas, which was probably for the best as our drummer went on tour with his other band and we decided to go the freak-folk route, albeit briefly. That being said, new freak-folk tape coming out soon on a new US blog's label.

We don't have any other shows booked at the moment, so we will take the time to write new music, and relish in the fact that EYE Magazine said NICE things about us from our Marnie Stern + DD/MM/YYYY opening slot appearance.

Look out for a split soon on a new label out of Armenia with one of our current favourite bands. They sound nothing like us, so it's an ambitious release for us. Believe the hype, but don't believe the hype too!?