Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Don't get used to frequent updates, we're usually not this organized. We will be announcing our new label and publicist in the coming weeks. The label will release our first full-length, which will compile all of our 7"s. This will be our first release available digitally.

You may wonder why you can't download our songs anywhere online, and for that there are two reasons:
1. if you look neon windbreaker up on google or other search engines, you mainly get information about actual neon windbreakers, online sales and 80s and 90s references.
2. we made it so that if you try to rip our 7"s with your specialized recording equipment that it creates a virus. Pretty interesting considering this is vinyl to digital. We are innovators.

We have one final 7" in the works that will be out in time for our October tour. The 7" is entitled VOLCANO BEACH. The songs we recorded are inspired by the band Beach Fossils and indirectly by Surfer Blood.
side a: volcano beach
side b: volcano beach (remix)

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